Core of science

Connecting people through sharing knowledge.

Meet Core of Science

An organization dedicated to science.

Sharing knowledge

We think knowledge becomes all the better when shared, that's why our mission is to share critical knowledge with people and organizations alike. Knowledge allows people to overcome socio-economic barriers and helps organizations make the most of their investments.

Creating science

Science is made by humans, their time, happiness and fullfillment is very important to our organization. We want to develop tools that make research easier, faster and more effective. And to do so, we need to make science or core, front and center.

Building thechnology

Core of Science mantains a set of open source tools and some infraestructure. We build, maintain and host these tools with the aim of making the day to day life of students and researchers happier and productive.


Viviana Zuluaga is an expert on biology, specialized on metabolomics. She's really good at bibliographic structured search.

Sebastián Robledo is an expert on business management, specialized on viral market adoption. He's particularly great at helping people fulfill their potential.

Oscar Arbeláez is an expert on physics, specialized on computational science. On a good day he can write some lines of code and he's really interested on software development team dynamics.