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Our mission is to training in data science for
research, technology and innovation.

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Higher education solutions

The objective of this project is the training of data scientists through courses in datacamp and incentives in scholarships by Core of Science and Universidad Católica Luis Amigó. The Core of Science corporation will give $10,000,000 Colombian pesos in contracts to those with the best datacamp and GitHub performance. The data generated by these two platforms will allow us to understand social learning processes in a post-COVID era and train data scientists.

Tree of Science

Tree of Science (ToS) is an integrated web-based platform for a comprehensive recommendation of scientific literature. Tree of Science shows the papers in the shape of a tree where seminal papers are in the roots, structural papers are in the trunk, and recent literature is in the leaves. Nowadays, we are working on an R package to merge Scopus and WoS data sets to create the Tree of Science.

"connecting people
through sharing knowledge"